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1134 kHz

Location map

GB 1134 kHz BFBS Gurkha Radio Sandhurst (0.001kW)

GB 1134 kHz BFBS Gurkha Radio Catterick Garrison (0.001kW)

GB 1134 kHz BFBS Gurkha Radio York Imphal Barracks (0.001kW)

GB 1134 kHz BFBS Gurkha Radio Nuneaton (0.001kW)

ES 1134 kHz COPE Peñicas (5kW) *

ES 1134 kHz COPE Ciutadella Finca de Torralba (5kW) *

ES 1134 kHz COPE Jerez de la Frontera Finca Pino Solete (5kW) *

ES 1134 kHz COPE Pamplona (5kW) *

ES 1134 kHz COPE Salamanca (10kW) *

GB 1134 kHz Luton & Dunstable Hospital Radio Luton & Dunstable Hospital (0.001kW)

Stations marked with an asterisk [*] currently have no location data and are missing from the map.


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